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Edging Tape

Veneer Edging tape from Merenda is made from the finest veneer species which are fully FSC certified. Merenda manufactures edging tape with cutting-edge machinery and can tailor the lengths of the rolls to suit your own bespoke requirement.

Edging tape available

  • Rolled Thickwood – 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm & 2.5mm thick. (Contact us to chat about custom Width)
  • Fleeced only & Sanded
  • Fleeced only
  • Preglued & Sanded
  • Sanded & Glued

Merenda Ltd specialize in D.I.Y Edging tape Rolls:

  • 10 metre roll service available in prepacked, personally labelled format for distribution customers.
  • Prepacking and labelling also available in 50 metre rolls for the DIY market.

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