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Recycled Wood Briquettes

Recycled Wood Briquettes – Merenda recycles 90% of its wood waste from its manufacturing process to develop a solid wood fuel briquette. They are more dense and dry than standard logs and therefore provide an efficient and effective alternative to peat and other options. The briquettes burn with a similar calorific value to coal but are significantly easier to light. They burn with a clean blue flame & the intensity of the heat leads to a very low ash content at the end of each nights fire.

Wood BriquettesWe recover sawdust and other wood-related waste from our own and other manufacturing processes to create this environmentally-friendly solution.

You can use ManorBloc Briquettes for domestic fires – especially welcoming in winter months!

Warning: we recommend that you always use a fire guard and keep children at a safe distance from the fire at all times. For best results, ManorBloc should be stored in a dry area away from moisture and used within a month of purchase.

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